Born and professionally trained as a lawyer in Venezuela, her background instills a natural proficiency in vigilance, methodical thinking, alertness, and rigor in her work commitments.

She excels in managing both short-term and long-term rentals, demonstrating meticulous attention to quality, organization, client and guest communication, income reporting, housekeeping, restocking, and staging. Her focus and keen eye for detail are invaluable in executing contracts, dispatching notices, and adhering to all applicable property management laws. This expertise also serves as an asset in income management, given the sensitive nature of the information and stringent legal regulations involved.

Before joining SOPPROS, she worked as a Human Resources Operations Coordinator for over 10 hotels, including prestigious brands such as Hilton, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton. Additionally, she has experience as a real estate agent, specializing in tenant evaluation and acquiring substantial knowledge in securing contracts with highly qualified individuals.

She is an effective communicator with a natural talent for building relationships. Her dedication to service is evident, and she skillfully employs humor to connect with others. In her leisure time, she enjoys exploring art and design while cherishing moments spent with her two children.


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